The tourist route “The Golden Ring of Kuzbass” will appear in Kemerovo oblast in 2014, its program will include visits to cultural and natural attractions of the region.

The regional administration spread a rumor that the local hunters saw a creature resembling a snowman in the taiga in 2009. It inhabits presumably, in the Azasskaya cave in Mountain Shoria. Yeti immediately became a sort of mascot of the region, despite the fact that no one met him face to face. Since that time the Snowman Day is officially celebrated in Kemerovo oblast; the contest “7 Wonders of Kuzbass” has been held recently, one of the winners of the contest was the Azasskaya cave.

The contest took place in September in the format of Internet voting. The website of Kemerovo regional administration says that the route will also include the following facilities: Museum-Reserve “Tomsk Pisanitsa” in Yashkinsky district, Kuznetsk fortress in Novokuznetsk, the monument “In Memory of Kuzbass Miners” by the sculptor Ernest Neizvestny, the city-museum Mariinsk, the  monument “Golden Shoriya” in Tashtagol and the mountain range  “Podnebesnye Zubya” (“Sky Teeth”) in Mezhdurechensk.

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