Recently Russkie Prostori took the new high- speed rail from Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana for the first time. The system, which began operations on November 1, is a spectacular improvement to the infrastructure in Sochi. The trains are new, the ride is smooth and fast and the views are great. The train went from Sochi to Adler and from th past the airport and then to Krasnaya Polyana.

A ticket from Sochi to Krasnaya Po;yana costs just 112 Rubles which is just 2,5 Euro. The train speed is about 100-115 km/h. Along the way, the train is passing over the river and through the steep mountain gorge so you can imagine the fascinating view. There is some snow in Krasnaya Polyana so you already may see snow-covered peaks as you approach Krasnaya Polyana. Also you may see some Olympic objects such as ski jump, where athletes will compete for gold in February.

An average trip from Sochi to Krasnaya Poltana took about 2-4 hours depending on trsffic. Even from Adler Station it is never less than an hour and can take 3 with traffic. Now situation has changed and you can get to Krasnaya Polyana by train in about an hour and a half!

Now Sochi has a 21st century transportation system and Russkie Prostori DMC invites you all to this unbelievable city! Just believe us it is worth seeing! Contact us for more information!
You are welcome to check photos some of them were taken by Vlad Losev our Director of Operations in Sochi: