«Russia» airline company has announced that it will launch flights from the new terminal of Pulkovo Airport on December 4th. Before this date Russkie Prostori team is going to test brand new terminal!

According to the airline, on this day, “The Gateway to Northern Capital” will launch all flights from new terminal. Now in booking systems of “Russia” airline the new joint Pulkovo Airport is designated as the Pulkovo-1 or Terminal-1. All flights from current local flights terminal (Pulkovo-1) and from international terminal (Pulkovo 2) will be moved to the new Terminal.

The grand opening of the new terminal will held on November 29th. At the moment Russkie Prostori team as well as other participants check the work of passport control, baggage sorting systems and other airport services. New transport hub is expected to service an average of 17 million passengers a year.