Russkie Prostori is happy to present a new heliport at Sheremetyevo Int. Airport, Moscow, Russia.

The new heliport is located adjacent to Sheremetyevo Terminal A, the heliport was constructed by Avia Group and marks another step in the business development projects at Sheremetyevo airport. Constructions started five months ago.

The new location will increase mobility and expands the existing business aviation services, offering a time saving solution for regional transportation. Flights will be allowed for the Russian rotorcraft operators in agreement with the Avia Group Handling, the official operator of the heliport. Flight capability of the heliport goes up to 10-15 flights per day.

To assure a smooth and secure organisation, flights in the surrounding territory of Sheremetyevo were conducted through a research by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) Aeronavigation. The test flights were looking into entering and exiting the heliport and its surrounding territory without influencing the airtraffic movements within the airport. With positive results, no delay in take-off or landing will be expected.

“The most unique aspect of our new heliport is the fact that there is no need to confirm slots to land or take off, except in the case of low visibility,” said Mikhail Semenov, General Director of Avia Group.

If you would like to save your time and take a helicopter flight instead of ordinary transfer Russkie Prostori DMC can help you out! Just contact us!