Russkie Prostori continue to post attractions in Ekaterinburg one of the largest city in Russia. Today we offer you to check most interesting excursions in this city!

Exscursion «To the borderline between Europe and Asia» starts in the easten part of the city and continues in the western one. It runs through the Great Siberian (Moscow) highway to a column - obelisk “Europe and Asia boundary” established on crossroads of two parts of the world. The borderline that is layed out from Ural stones is so thin that tourists will be able to take photos of each other standing with one foot in Asia and with another in Europe!

Excursion «The last days of the last Russian tsar» - the memorial route acquaints with the tragic events of Yekaterinburg history of 1918.  Our guests will visit the place of the last Russian Tsar execution, where the Cathedral in the Name of all Saints has been recently erected and the Monastery of Saint  Martyrs, the place of the initial Emperor’s burial…

Excursion to Nevyansk – “Siberian Wealth Sources”, to the capital of Demidovs empire, to an old town Nevyansk. The tour includes the visit to the inclined tower of 18 century and acoustical room with extraordinary “spy” effects. Also tourists will find out some secrets of Russian history about minting counterfake coins in Siberia and illegal gold mining. And in V. Tavolgi, village that is famous of  its pot makers, guests will have Ural lunch with pancakes and hotpots. Here every guest with the help of potter’s wheel would create anything he wish from the piece of clay: a vase, a pot or a penny whistle and would take as a souvenir.

Excursion to Koptelovo village “The way people lived in old Russia” Our guests’ way runs to an old Ural village Koptelovo, that was founded in 17 century and kept the initial way and scheme of life. An old Russian house that was built without a single nail still has a a real Russian  stove, a wooden cradle for a baby, a samovar (tea-urn), a bow, a sledge and many other things. On the way tourists will call on the stable yard – where they can drive a slegde or a caravan around the village, taste special Ural flat cakes that were cooked according to our grandmothers’ receipts, drink self-made “Koptelovka”.  Everybody will be affected by old Russian songs, dance and sing with “old babushkas”

Excursion to Nizhnyaya Sinyachiha village “5 centuries for one day” makes it possible to see how Russian were living for 500 years from first plants creating and to our days. In N.Sinyachiha in an open-air museum of wooden architecture there is Ural folk unique collection of painting that is made on wood: wall fragments with  paradisalbirds and storm-shatters with fabulous animals. Tourists will also visit a house where the great Russian composer Petr Chajkovsky used to live in childhood, will go in the Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral (18 c.) that was scorched by the tragic revolutionary ivents, will visit a monastery that was founded on the place of an old mine where in 1918 Great dutches Romanovs were thrown for tsar family-surname.

Excursion to Berezovsky – “Find your own Gold” Tour to Berezovsky – town of Russian Gold. In spring  1745 an inhabitant of the village Shartash,  the peasant Erophey Markov  discovered the  first russian gold.   Nowadays in the town there are many working gold mines and you will visit and go deep in the one of those that exist.

If you want to try one of these excursions we are welcome to help you out as well is to offer more activities in this true Russian city. All you need is to contact us!