Russkie Prostori presents you some interesting facts about space as well as famous Star City which is one of the most significant space facilities in Russia!

Interesting facts about space

  • Russian cosmonaut Sergey Krikalev spent 803 days (2,5 years) in space which is a world record!

  • The countdown which is used before the rocket start was shown in a German film “Woman on the moon” released in 1929.

  • The first animals which flow around the Earth were turtles!

  • In 1950s to deceive a probable enemy USSR authorities built 2 cosmodromes. One was real and another one made from woods in a distance of 300 km between each other.

  • After going on space walks, most cosmonauts report that there is a hot “meaty-metallic” scent, others assert that there is a fruity note of raspberry and rum!

  • The Milky Way galaxy we live in: is one among the BILLIONS in space.

  • The full cost of a spacesuit is about $11 million although 70% of this is for the backpack and the control module.

Star City

You may try to be a real cosmonaut because Russkie Prostori offers you a trip to a Star City which is one of the most significant space facilities in Russia!

There is the Cosmonauts' Training Center named by Yuri Gagarin and the same-named museum. Both objects are unique and of great interest to visitors from various countries. It is the only location in the world, where one can try Zero Gravity Flight and many other activities, which are used in real cosmonaut's training.

Weightless Flying

Weightless Environment is one of the most effective ways to simulate the conditions of work in outside space. This method is based on placing the objects of space technics and cosmonaut in scaphandre into water pool and giving them a neutral buoyancy, zero stability and unsupported condition.

In "water space" the participants will experience the feelingss of the cosmonaut working in outside space in scaphandre, dive in the pool of Weightless Environment Training Facility and work in "ORLAN" scaphandre (up to 4 hours) on special tasks. To try it you just need to contact us!