Everyone knows the famous khokhloma pattern with is partly used in Sochi 2014 Olympic identity. Russkie Prostori offers you to get involved to a history of the pattern and take an adventure tour!

A new tourist route intended to attract attention to traditional arts and crafts has been developed in Nizhny Novgorod region. Nizhny Novgorod is located not so far away from Moscow moreover it can railway connection by a high speed train Sapsan. It takes about 4 hours like the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Our guests will be taken to Semenovskoe Village, renowned for its Khokhloma and Semenovskoe designs, and to Semino Village, another centre of Khokhloma production.

Visitors will take part in several master classes for example Matreshka (nesting doll) painting, learn more about Russian customs, and traditions, and even have a chance to dabble in extreme tourism which includes ropeway! To get more information about the tour you just need to contact our leading DMC in Russia directly! We will get back to you really soon!