The journey from Moscow to Vladivostok in the comfortable train is a great way to get acquainted closer with Russia and enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature, to visit the major cities are located along the Trans-Siberian Railway. To see how great and beautiful Russia you may visit Moscow - Kazan - Yekaterinburg - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Port Baikal - Ulan-Ude – Vladivostok and also visit Ulan-Bator which is in Mongolia.

Trans-Siberian Railway - the world's longest railway line, which stretches 10 000 kilometers from Moscow to Vladivostok. This railway was built in the past century, passed through eight time zones. Luxury Rail Cruise - the aristocratic way of seeing the beauty of Russia.

Golden Eagle is a luxury tourist train which goes from Moscow to Vladivostok all across Russia. It consists of 20 cars with capacity of up to 100 passengers. Tourists can stay in comfortable compartments for two persons with a shower and toilet. The train also has two restaurant cars, bar car and kitchen car. It corresponds a 5 star hotel and also includes VIP programs in cities where the train has its stops.

We would like to mention that such comfortable journeys are available not only on such a long distance but also to the Baltic states for example when you may visit Moscow, St.Petersburg, Tallinn and Riga. To make your bookings and to learn more information please contact us directly! You are welcome to check pictures of the luxury train and some picturesque views which you can see on the way from Moscow to Vladivostok!