After 2 years reconstruction of Moscow's Leningradsky Station is finally completed. Designers hope was to make the busy station more serviceable, while preserving the historic integrity of the building. The station’s interiors are restored, a food court and shops are opened, and passenger service systems are upgraded!

Leningradsky Station is the oldest train station in Moscow. It was built in 1849 as the Nikolayevsky Station, named after the reigning czar at that time, Nicholas I. In 1923, the station was renamed in honor of the Bolshevik’s October Revolution of 1917. Leningradsky Station received its current name only in 1937. Trains departing from Leningradsky Station travel to St. Petersburg (the city was known as Leningrad in Soviet times), Veliky Novgorod, Helsinki and Tallinn.

In its entire history, Leningradsky Station was only rebuilt once, in 1934. The current reconstruction project is directed primarily at the original, historic, 19th-century part of the station. The waiting rooms used by members of the royal family and other interiors were practically destroyed during the Soviet-era rebuilding of the station. Work is also under way to restore the czar’s chambers to their original appearance.

As you may know the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg is about 4 hours going by high speed Sapsan train. Our DMC use it very often for our clients and it is much more convenient even than a flight. All trains from St. Petersburg depart at this very railway station. Below you are welcome to see pictures of renovated Leningradsky.