The leading DMC in Russia proudly presents Culinary Master-classes! We are sure that everyone can learn how to cook! What we offer to you is master classes of traditional Russian and other cuisines of former USSR republics.

Every culinary master class in a cosy studio is a mix of unforgettable impressions and professional skills which you may use in your everyday life surprising your friends! We are going to help you to learn main principles and all cuisine aspects our country that can be useful not for experienced cooks but for beginners too!

Cuisines we offer to you

  • Russian cuisine

  • Georgian cuisine

  • Italian cuisine

  • Spanish cuisine

  • French cuisine

  • Mediterranean cuisine

  • Mexican cuisine

Some Master class samples

Kvass – Russian traditional baverage
Okroshka - Russian traditional cold soup made from kvass
Traditional Russian Easter

  • Vinaigrette

  • Easter or paschal

  • Cottage-cheese pancake

Vareniki - Russian Ravioli
Stake Master-class
Traditional Georgian cuisine

  • Adjapsandal – Traditional Georgian meal made from eggplant, sweet pepper and potatoes .

  • Satsivi from chicken – Baked chicken with walnut sauce

  • Bhaji sauce – Traditional Georgian sauce

  • And much more

Fast Masterclasses:
Ossetian pies / fast master-class
Honeyberry / fast master-class

  • Honeyberry compote

  • Honeyberry jam

Culinary days

  • Mushrooms day

  • Apple day

  • Pumpkin day

  • Zucchini day

  • Girolle day

  • Cucumber day

  • Strawberry day

Croquembouche cake and other desserts
And much more!

Want to try? Just contact us!