Russkie Prostori do exclusive Peacock Clock show for a long time and now a brand new exhibit appeared in the State Hermitage which we will be happy to show to our guests!

The first exhibit became a musical automat with ancient clock named “Caged bird” which was made in 1790s by Pierre Jaquet Droz who was famous Swiss master. It took about 2 years to looks like hanged cage with a bird inside sitting on a perch. At the bottom of the cage there is a large dial piece and musical mechanism switching on manually. Small mechanical organ imitates bird singing. The bird can turn around, move its tale, wings and nib in tune with the music.

This automat is the first working device made by this Swiss master in Russia. In 2013-2014 the State Hermitage and Samsung Electronics are planning to have new projects in sphere of educational HD videos about the museum and its masterpieces.

“Time connection is technology connection” is the name of a brand new type of partnership between the State Hermitage and Samsung Electronics. Such collaboration helps the museum to obtain new exhibits and popularize the museum.

Obviously the Hermitage is developing rapidly and we can expect more new fascinating exhibits that is why our leading DMC welcomes you to visit one of the best museum of our country! Just contact us for more information!