Travelling by train across Russia becomes much more comfortable because our DMC started to offer railways trips in luxury style with true Russia concept!

Recently we did a special ride for a Spanish group when they went by luxury train from Moscow to Sergiev Pasad. The city is a part of the Golden Ring famous by its orthodox churches and great history of Russia. Our guests relaxed in a comfortable train on the way to Sergiev Pasad.

In fact this deluxe train can go from Moscow to Sochi for example which is very comfortable to go in this way. Facing the next Winter Olympics this destination becomes more and more popular. And this deluxe train can be a good alternative to a flight to those who have time and want to relax a bit before main events.

During winter time you may go to visit Father Frost who is Russian Santa Claus living in Velikiy Ustug or even go further north to see polar lights! As for summer it is a perfect time to go along longest railway in the world! Trans-Siberian railway gives you a unique opportunity to cross 8 time zones!

It also can go outside of Russia visiting Baltic countries, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and other countries of the former USSR. Russkie Prostori may assist you with culture program and business meetings in all of those destinations so you just need to contact us and we can negotiate the best deal.