Russia probably the most fascinating Incentive destination in the World! Want to know why? Just learn some useful tips to get an idea what mean incentives in Russia!

What can you do in Russia?

Weightless flying, and osmonaut training, Mig Jet Flights and Tank driving, Visit to the Kremlin Palace, reception in the Stalin Bunker, Hockey games with Russian teams, Palace take-over’s, Private ballet performances with artists form Bolshoi and Marinsky theatre, even a ballet on the rivers in the White Nights – the sky is the limit!

How about Russian Extreme Rides for example?

As you may know there are 3 main destinations for incentives in Russia. Moscow, St.Petersburg and Sochi have a variety of choice for VIP individuals and large groups and each city has its own advantages.

Why Moscow?

  • The largest city of Russia with population of more than 10 million people.

  • The largest metropolitan area in Europe and ranks among the largest urban areas in the world;

  • Direct flights from all over the world

  • Mixture of a cosmopolitan features with Golden Domes of ancient times.

  • Magic Kremlin with its residence of Russian President– the former Tsar’s residence

  • Moscow Metro is an underground palace, It is second largest the world

  • Best luxury hotels, venues or trendy restaurants, glamour bars and night clubs;

  • Famous Russian Ballet and Circus

  • Private shows and backstage tours

  • Unique possibility to touch the Real Russian Winter

Why St.Petersburg?

  • The most Russian city in Europe and the most European city in Russia;

  • More than 300 bridges, 90 canals and rivers, built on more than 30 islands

  • Famous museums such as The Hermitage, and The Russian Museum, astonishing churches and cathedrals including the third world-highest domed building St.Isaac’s Cathedral,

  • Unique atmosphere of historical Russia with its marvelous palaces and parks

  • The Royal Grandeur of the original venues and palaces for Gala dinners and conferences

  • the richest collection of culture and art of the most various epochs and styles. It was the capital of the Russian Empire for almost 200 years!

Why Sochi?

  • Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia with unique subtropical climate

  • The host city of 2014 Winter Olympic Games

  • The host of 2014 Formula 1 Grand Prix

  • Snow cover of the slopes of red clearing has unique quality because of the local microclimate. Mountains retain the moderate air masses and are natural obstacle for the sea wind, which ensures the ideal quality of snow

  • The mountain part of Sochi only 40 km the coast of Black sea

  • Top deluxe winter resort Krasnya Polyana with Olympic sites

  • Sea and sailing resort in Summer and ski resort in Winter

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