Paving the way to Valaam Island famous by its monastery Russkie explored some places and attractions on the way to it. Thanks Maria Roenkova for pictures and report!

Valaam Island

Valaam monastery standing on rocky islands in the northern part of Ladoga lake is one of the most ancient monasteries in Russia. It is the most interesting tourist attraction on the islands. It was founded about 10 centuries ago. Today its architectural complex includes, first of all, the largest central part of the monastery and a lot of separately built monastic cells or "sketes". Most of these buildings were erected in 19th or 18th centuries.

If you want to have an excursion inside Valaam monastery, to get acquainted with its culture and history and to visit one-two of the most popular sketes you can take a day tour to the monastery.

How to get there?

Usually the tours include a water trip to Valaam by a small hydrofoil from Republic of Karelia, Russia. That is pretty convenient th?ugh what is on the way to it?

On the way to Valaam

There is a place on the way to Valaam named Ruskeala which is a settlement in the town of Sortavala where you also can be taken on board of a hydrofoil to Valaam.

Maria Roenkova our project manager explored these fascinating areas of Karelia in Russia. It is well known by its nature. Sortovala used to be Finish territory now turned into national park with some interesting sights.

Marble quarries

The deposit of marble near this place was discovered in 1765 and has been in operation since 1769. Marble quarries are located near the place and it is of og the main a…

The deposit of marble near this place was discovered in 1765 and has been in operation since 1769. Marble quarries, as well as some other deposits of Karelia supplied various projects in Saint Petersburg, including Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Marble Palace, Saint Michael's Castle, the interiors of the Winter Palace, New Hermitage and Kazan Cathedral, and decorations of Saint Petersburg Metro. Right now there is a functuanal marble factory located in town of Sortavala.

Rock adits

Integrity of the massif of the marble was cracked in the 20th century due to the use of dynamite. For this reason some quarries were abandoned and inundated. Now these picturesque deep quarries and rock adits with limpid water serve as a popular tourist attraction.

Unique ice adit is located on the border between marble factory and the mountain park. The width of this adit is about 20-30m and it is about 500m long!

Rent a boat

You may rent a boat and see the nature of Karelia!  There is a special attraction as going deep into natural caves in the rocks. It's dark but really adventorous!


A series of small cascade waterfalls on the river Tohmajoki is another popular tourist attraction situated near the settlement. It is so convenient after all atractions like taking a boat ride or marble factory excursion go and see amazing natural waterfalls!

Festivals and shows

Maria took some good pictures at festival of weightlifting in Russian style! Giant men competed in lifting a huge timber and they were very impressive! Actually there are a lot of festivals in this area during the summer. Then we may arrange special programs and incentives and you do not need to worry about dates. That would be your personal program schedule!

Want to take a tour?

As you can see planning a trip to Valaam you can take into account some great attraction on the way to it! By the way you can get there not only from St.Petersburg Russia but from Helsinki, Finland too. Sortavala where you can get to a boat to Valaam is just about 30 m