Dear Friends,
Dear Partners!

Last year during traditional Russkie Prostori staff party we made hip-hop video and post it on YouTube. Getting more than 1000 hits on this video we decided that every hit will be dedicated to charitable purposes.

St. Petersburg charity organization “Perspectivy” kindly provided us a list of children to whom we may help and we were happy to prepare personal presents. It needs to say that was not just presents, those children really needed things that we have bought for them.

Today we are happy to announce that 45 children got more than 150 presents as New Year presents from Russkie Prostori. These children are from the orphanage #4 in Pavlovsk and some from families which are in need of aid.

Thanks to everyone who works with Russkie Prostori and who are interested in Russia as a perspective destination!

Best regards,
Elena and Ola Kastensson