Enjoy wild beautiful nature in remote regions of Russia in luxury.

The beauty of pristine wild nature is what Russia is proud of. It used to be unreachable for common travelers due to the lack infrastructure. But not any more.

The Kola Peninsula near Murmansk is inside the Arctic Circle, it is full of waterfalls, mountains and rivers. Now you can enjoy all of that with luxurious accommodation designed specifically so one can rest their body and soul and feel one with nature. You will get a wonderful view under a glass dome, dine with a superb cuisine of local products and go on jeeping and quad biking tours.

The glamping site is located several hours drive from Murmansk. The drive will not be tiresome as it is usually combined with a visit to many picturesque locations. Direct flights to Murmansk are available from Helsinki, Moscow and St Petersburg.

Photos: RussiaDiscovery