Explore Russia with style and maximum comfort.

Russia is full of wonders, natural and cultural, and each of them opens numerous opportunities for any kind of programs for incentive trips or individual guests. You can see all of them with a private charter service available for many destinations in Russia. Luxurious business jets are perfect for the most demanding individual travelers and small groups of up to 20 persons. Group charters of various capacity are available for up to 600 persons.

You will have access to the airports closest to the most extraordinary places in Russia. The schedule of your flights will solely depend on you, which will save you time and worries for what is really important – getting new unforgettable experience. Entertainment on board and menu of your choosing is included. You can have the aircraft branded if you want your guest to feel special. And take as much luggage as you want.

The way you travel may be as exciting as the destination.

Photo: Airly, Embraer