Russian hotels are getting ready to receive guests in new circumstances! Hygiene, social distancing and health of the guests are the top priority in the new environment! All the necessary procedures were implemented in order to comply with every recommendation from the international medical community. So staying at the hotel, as well as holding business events, is as safe as possible.

Pentahotel Moscow, Arbat is one of the first to take these measures:

  • Social distancing
  • Deep cleaning od the rooms after each stay, housekeeping aren’t allowed in during the stay
  • Staff detailed training to ensure maximum safety
  • Complimentary breakfast outside of the door
  • Reservations for a gym to avoid crowds
  • Surfaces and equipment are thoroughly disinfected throughout the day
  • No cash is allowed

This is not the full list of all the measures. You can see the full list here:

Russkie Prostori DMC is implementing their own procedures so the health of the guests is not at risk at any moment during their program in Russia. New world is going to be better and safer!