Happy Easter to our clients and partners! Let’s hope it is the last big holiday we have to celebrate separately from our family and friends.

Easter is one of the most beloved holidays by the Russians, that is celebrated not only by religious people but by the whole country. Orthodox Easter is celebrated a little later than its Catholic version. This year is falls on the 19th of April. 

One of the most interesting Easter rituals is the egg decoration. The whole family is engaged in the process. The predominant color for egg dyeing in Russia is red. The red dye is chosen because it symbolizes the blood of Christ.

During tsarist times, Easter eggs made of precious metals and jewels were given as gifts by and to members of the royal family. The Romanovs famously commissioned Peter Carl Faberge's workshops to create these luxurious masterpieces.

Today Easter egg decoration has become nearly an art. Various craftsmen and painters decorate eggs with tiny and elaborate images of scenes from stories, churches, landscapes, icons and other images.

Another integral aspect of Easter celebrations is baking kuliches (bread, usually baked in a cylindrical pan and topped with icing and colored sprinkles) and making curd paskha – a cheese desert.